Three way conference calls. If you need to communicate with someone in English or Spanish over the phone we can help you setting up a conference call. Spain, Latin America, USA, for individuals or corporations.

>> Si usted necesita comunicarse en inglés con alguna persona o compañia le podemos ayudar. Simplemente usted llama y despues se comunica con el numero deseado.  Es sencillo y los primeros minutos son gratis. Usted también puede mandar un mensaje con la hora que quiere establecer la comunicación.

After you are connected, give the interpreter your name and the non-English speaker's name.

Inform the interpreter as to whether the non-English speaker is already on the phone line, or if you will need to dial their number to add them to a three-way conference call. The interpreters are not allowed to place connecting calls for you.

If the non-English speaker is with you but you are not using a speakerphone, inform the interpreter that you will be passing a phone back and forth between yourself and the other person.

Speak clearly in short phrases, pausing to allow for the interpretation.

Ask one question at a time.

Use simple language to express your meaning. Remember that slang does not translate.

Explain any terms you believe may be unclear.

Allow the interpreter to stop you and seek an explanation when necessary and to repeat back to you any critical information that requires clarification.

Don't say anything that you do not want interpreted.

If for any reason you get disconnected during a call, please hang up and call again.

All language interpretation sessions are strictly confidential and are never recorded, transcribed or otherwise archived.

We use Paypal for payment. If you don't have it please click the banner below or here to register for a free account.

Nosotros usamos Paypal como forma de pago.  Si usted no lo tiene use el grafico abajo or clique aqui para abrir una cuenta gratuita

No registration fees.  Average interpreting fees $.99/min. Call for a quote.

You can communicate with us from Skype.  You can download for free at the banner below of click here.

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Spanish Telephone Interpreting at 800-314-9814
You Need to Start a Call:

  1. Dial our number.
  2. Once the interpreter is connected, place the interpreter on hold and place your call using the conference or 3-way feature on your phone.

If You are Already in a Call:

  1. Place the other party on conference hold and dial our number.
  2. Once the interpreter is connected, connect the party on hold and start talking.

If You are Face-to-Face:

  1. Dial our number.
  2. When the interpreter is connected, use your speakerphone, or pass your handset back and forth.